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       Brittle Brothers is the most desired brittle by ALL who taste it!

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Family Tradition

Brittle Brothers is a Nashville based Gourmet Peanut Brittle Company that has taken Great Grandma Spalding’s old fashioned recipe from the 1840’s and perfected it into the most delicious peanut brittle made on earth! Truly a true Nashville treasure!!

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“I never thought I liked peanut brittle until I tried Brittle Brothers. 
It totally changed me.  Not only do I buy it for myself, but I get bags
for all my friends.  They make great gifts!”   Sheila, Brentwood, TN


“This is DEFINITELY the world’s best brittle!”  Paulette, Nashville, TN


“This is the best brittle I have ever eaten.  I send it to my 80 year
old mother in Florida and she can’t wait for it to arrive.  She says it
is the BEST!”  Judith, Eagleville, TN


“I shared your peanut brittle with my neighbors.  All of us agree that it is the best we have ever tasted.  I’ll be ordering Brittle Brother’s to give as my Holiday gifts every year.”  Barbara, Statesboro, GA

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Less sugar, More nuts!

Peanut Brittle 101:  What is the most expensive ingredient in peanut brittle? Nuts!! What is the least expensive ingredient? Sugar!!
When brittle companies try to make more money, they remove most of the nuts and replace them with more sugar which makes it too hard!!  The end result is “brittle, brittle, brittle!"