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      Bacon Meets Brittle... the Best Thing Since Chocolate Met Peanut Butter

      Bacon Meets Brittle... the Best Thing Since Chocolate Met Peanut Butter

      Bacon lovers unite with the latest Brittle Brothers flavor. What can be more inviting than having a taste of bacon on your brittle? 

      This gourmet bacon peanut brittle was carefully crafted and tested with founder and CEO John Spalding and Brittle Brothers kitchen team at the Brittle Brothers Corporate Headquarters in Goodlettsville, TN, 15 miles north of Music City, Nashville, TN. The winning combination of ingredients including sugar, corn syrup, butter, vanilla and lots of nuts makes it hard to resist.  Peanut brittle that combines less sugar, more nuts with the additional subtle taste of bacon, is just enough to get you wanting more! 

      This is one of the best treats you could ever ask for! You can go store now to see our bacon peanut brittle box products here and 5 oz. bags here.

      Less Sugar and More Nuts per serving! Brittle Brothers is a Gourmet Variety Brittle Candy Company based in Tennessee. Varieties include Peanut, Cashew, Pecan and Bacon flavors. Brittle Brothers was born in 2006 from a family tradition, Great Grandma Spalding’s old-fashioned recipe from the 1860’s. It was refined into the most delicious gluten-free brittle candies.