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      Years ago, John Spalding’s search for good peanut brittle only turned up cheap brittles with very few nuts.  So, in 1987 John dusted off Great-Grandma Spalding's old fashioned peanut brittle recipe from the 1860's and went to work. 

      After countless hours of tweaking the recipe, John found that by reducing the corn syrup and sugar in his recipe, while at the same time increasing the amount of healthy nuts in his brittle, he could produce the most delicious and healthiest brittle ever made - and it would be a healthier alternative to almost all other varieties of brittle out there. Most brittles carry as much as 20 to 35 grams of sugar per serving, each of the Brittle Brothers' brittles have sugar levels less than 12 grams per serving. Less sugar and more nuts - what a perfect snack with some serious protein and a just a little bit of sugar. 

      Encouraged by family and friends, the Brittle Brothers Gourmet Brittle Company was born in Nashville, TN in the fall of 2006. Take one bite and you will instantly understand why this truly is the most delicious brittle made in America!!

      Today, Brittle Brothers continues to grow with having gluten free peanut, cashew, pecan and bacon gourmet brittles available in retail locations in Tennessee and across the country.

      What is the most expensive ingredient in peanut brittle?

      Nuts!! What is the least expensive ingredient? Sugar!! When brittle companies try to make more money, they remove most of the nuts and replace them with more sugar which makes it too hard!! The end result is “brittle, brittle, brittle. Hey, we found a "peanut" mentality! Too much sugar produces “tooth-breaking” brittle.                                                                      

      Brittle Brothers was invited to have our gluten free gourmet brittles included in the Country Music, Grammy, and Academy Awards' "SWAG BAGS".  

      Our mission is to make the world's most delicious brittle and not skimp on anything!